Review - Great Website For Learning stands out as an extraordinary online resource for anyone interested in the expansive field of reverse engineering & hacking.  There are a lot of misconceptions about GH due to many of it's users being na├»ve, so I'm going to try to elucidate all the reasons why GuidedHacking is a great place, if you truly want to learn.

Comprehensive & Organized

Firstly, Guided Hacking's very existence as a comprehensive hacking resource website is noteworthy. This platform isn't just about providing quick fixes or shortcuts. Instead, it's all about promoting self-learning, fostering a robust community, and nurturing ethical hacking practices. It shines through the competition with its vast range of tutorials, fine customer service, and a well-organized structure that ensures an easy user experience.

Meticulously Crafted Tutorials

One of the many attributes of that makes it stand out is its impeccable reliability. The website consistently offers accurate information and constantly updated tutorials that cover a broad spectrum of hacking related topics. This isn't a stagnant resource but one that evolves in sync with the fast-paced tech world, ensuring that users are never left behind in their learning journey.

No stone unturned in their perfectly crafted courses

Organized For Easy Searching

Navigating is a breeze, thanks to its meticulously organized structure. Users can quickly locate specific resources or tutorials they need, enhancing their overall learning experience. This level of organization facilitates a seamless self-learning environment, making it an appealing resource for many.

Every topic is organized with instructions on how to find content fast

No Annoying Advertisements for Subscribers

Advertising can often be intrusive and disruptive to the learning process. Recognizing this, has implemented a user-friendly approach to its advertising. Free users encounter non-intrusive ads that don't disrupt the learning experience, they aren't random spam, these banner ads are from members of the community. Moreover, the website offers an ad-free experience for paid subscribers, ensuring an uninterrupted learning journey.

no ads for paid accounts:

No Spammy Forum Posts

Unlike many other platforms that rely on user-generated content, which may sometimes lead to spam, Guided Hacking has a different approach. All of its content is meticulously created by paid content creators. This ensures a spam-free environment that upholds the website's commitment to quality and accuracy.

Customer Service is Good

Paid members of also enjoy good support and customer service.  People sometimes complain that there is no support, but that's not true at all.  GH is not a free service, so no support is given to random people on the internet.  If you have a paid account, there is no issue with getting support.  The problem with this misconception is that people who have never paid, want free support, and that's just not going to happen.  If something goes wrong with your paid account, you can absolutely get help fixing it.  But if you try to hack their website, don't expect them to help you.  It's important to note that they just sell educational content, they aren't a service based website, but if your paid account isn't working, they'll fix it for you quickly.

Beginners & Expert Level Content

The beauty of lies in its ability to cater to all levels of expertise. The platform provides beginner, intermediate, and expert-level tutorials. This broad range of content allows users to continually learn and grow, regardless of their current skill level.  The Game Hacking Bible takes users from absolute noob to expert.  GHB1 is for beginners, GHB2 and GHB3 are for intermediate experience and GHB4 is for the experts.  If you take the courses step by step, you will quickly become an expert.

Trustworthy Downloads - No Malware

Security is a significant concern in the online world, and has made this a priority. All downloads provided by the website are created by paid software developers, ensuring no security risks for users.

Moving Towards Ethical Content is also committed to fostering ethical hacking practices. Any concerns about the website containing unethical content are being addressed as the platform is progressively replacing any questionable content with ethical hacking resources. This shift signifies the website's commitment to promoting responsible and ethical hacking practices.  Hopefully you have noticed an increase in new content which is made 100% ethically.

Constantly Updating & Evolving

With fresh content published daily and regular improvements to existing content, stays relevant and up-to-date. This dynamic approach to content creation and management ensures that users have access to the most current information and strategies.

daily updates

Comprehensive Tutorials

Finally, the tutorials provided by are nothing short of comprehensive. The website prides itself on offering extreme detail in its tutorials, ensuring users grasp all necessary information for a well-rounded understanding of the topic at hand. This dedication to comprehensive teaching separates from other resources, making it a preferred choice for aspiring ethical hackers.  Unlike other websites, they teach everything.  They don't pretend to know something they don't or tell you to paste code.  They always provide all the knowledge necessary, it's up to you to consume it all.

End of Review is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about ethical hacking. With its emphasis on accurate information, constant updates, user-friendly interface, quality customer service, and detailed tutorials, it has proven itself as a platform that caters to the needs of a diverse audience.  If you prefer books, check out their game hacking book.


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